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Section 2 Assignment Evaluate and Cite

Resource Evaluation

Work through the questions below to verify that your source is a quality resource. If you cannot answer all of these questions, the information in your source may not be valuable to your research. You can either type your answers in the boxes provided or print this page and write them in. There are two columns available, so you can evaluate two different resources.

Content Creator

Who is responsible for this content (i.e. author, editor, creator, etc...)?
What are the author/creator's qualifications? What makes them an expert?
If no author is listed, who is the sponsoring organization? Who is making this information available?

Bias & Intent

What is the purpose of this resource?
Is there an obvious agenda present? Are all sides/perspectives represented?
Does the author/creator cite their sources?


When was the resource created, published, or last updated?
Does your topic require the most current information? Are there more current resources available?

Citation Information

The form below will help you log the information required to format a citation for your resources. Additionally, having this information on hand will make evaluating your resources easier. Type your information directly in each box or feel free to print the page.


Lee & Jim Vann Library

Pope John Paul II Center

First and Second Floor

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