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Getting Started

Getting Started

Try these steps to get started with your research.

  1. Identify your subject: Write a simple thesis statement about the information you need. For example, "I need information about the treatment of Alzheimer's disease in elderly patients."
  2. Do a preliminary search in a database, for example, CINAHL, or ProQuest Nursing and Allied Health databases. (See the database list for links.)
  3. Brainstorm for similar words. After you have started your search in a database, explore subjects and keywords found in the search results for more ideas.
  4. Use limiters to narrow your results. Suggested limiters include, date range, age group, full text if preferred, English language, and USA for geography.
  5. Narrow your results to between 50 and 100 results if possible, depending on your topic you may have more or less results.
  6. Read the abstracts of the articles to determine if the article seems like it would provide the information you are looking for.
  7. Use the citation tools to get a formatted citation. You can copy this to your reference page, but a word of caution; these citations are not 100% guaranteed to be correct. Always check spelling, names, capitalization, punctuation, and dates!

Wood, M. S. (2014). Health sciences librarianship (Medical Library Association books; Medical Library Association books). Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield.

APA videos

APA Videos

Purdue OWL: APA Formatting - The Basics - How to format a paper using Microsoft Word according to APA style.

Purdue OWL: APA Formatting: Reference List Basics - How to format the references list.

APA Reference Lists: A More Detailed Explanation - A more detailed look at the reference list.

APA References List: Complex Authors - Working with more than one author, corporate authors, translators, and credited writings.

APA References: Periodicals - APA reference entries for periodicals, online and in print.

APA References Entries for Books - Rules for citing books in APA style.


Find Citation Help

Citation Help

Purdue OWL APA Style - Learn to use the APA citation style and format for in-text citations and reference page.

Nursing Resources on the Purdue OWL - Links to OWL resources that nurses and nursing students may find helpful in writing for both work and school. Includes link to sample APA style nursing research paper and much more.


Style Guides in the library


The following e-books are available from the library collection. Note, if you are accessing these resources from off-campus, enter your USF username and password to log in.

APA Simplified writing in psychology, education, nursing, and sociology

The complete guide to referencing and avoiding plagiarism

Database citation tools

Database Tools

EBSCO and ProQuest both provide APA formatting for articles when you print, email or save them.

Caution: Always review computerized formatting. Pay special attention to personal names, capitalization, and dates.


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