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Course Review Process

Process Overview

In accordance with the USF Course Review Policy, approved August 18, 2017, every course where 50% of the instruction hours or less is taught in a face-to-face format (typically referred to as online and hybrid courses) will undergo a course review once every three years according to a rotation schedule or when certain conditions apply (see policy). The following document outlines the steps that occur during the Course Review Process.  

Course Overview Steps

Step 1

Your Program Chair or Director will inform you that your course has been selected for Course Review. If your Program Chair/Director does not provide a Peer Reviewer, you will need to arrange for a peer reviewer to participate in this process with you. They will be completing the Credit Hour Compliance and Course Delivery Quality portions of the review. They will also need to be present during the initial and final meetings. 

Step 2

A member of the Teaching and Learning Services team will contact you and your peer reviewer to schedule the initial meeting.

Step 3

Your initial meeting will consist of you, the peer reviewer, an instructional designer, and a professional librarian. During this meeting, you will discuss how the Course Review Process works, set expectations for the review and the individuals involved, discuss any concerns or questions, and talk about any specific course-related items you wish to have addressed. During this step, each member will be assigned a portion of the review.  

Step 4

Each member of the Review Team will complete their portion of the review. This generally takes one to two weeks.

Peer Reviewer: Credit Hour Compliance and Course Delivery Quality Rubrics (see policy for rubrics, including School specific rubrics if applicable).  

Instructional Designer: Credit Hour Compliance and Course Delivery (SOLAS ONLY, Instructional Designer does not participate in Credit Hour Compliance). 

Librarian: Resource Review and Recommendation (Copyright). 

Instructor: Participates in Resource Review and Recommendation (SOLAS ONLY – completes Credit Hour Compliance). 

Step 5

Follow-up meeting where Review Team will meet to discuss feedback. This includes suggestions on resources, course design and delivery, discussion on credit hours, and answering any outstanding questions. (SOLAS ONLY – Credit Hour Review is not discussed during the final meeting because after it is completed by the faculty and peer reviewer, the results are turned over to the Department and only provided in anonymized form to the Teaching and Learning Services team).  

Step 6

The Teaching and Learning Services team will compile a report. This report will be shared with you before sending to the Department Chair or Director to make sure there are no questions and everything is accurate. The final report will be sent to the Department Chair or Director.  

Step 7

A link to an optional online exit survey will be sent to you. Please fill this out so that we can improve our process.  

Step 8

Three months after your review, we will be following up with you via an optional online survey to ask how you have incorporated the feedback you received during the process and how we can further support you.  


Important Documents

Important Documents


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