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SPED626: Module 9

Articles for Middle-Secondary Intense Needs

Please review the following articles for Module 9: Middle-Secondary Intense Needs.  Click on the hyperlink to take you to the article.  Be sure to check out the additional links that are provided in several of these articles.


The Classroom of David Whitt (Part 1)

The Classroom of David Whitt, Part 1, shows how “blended curriculum” can help all children, even those in Intense Needs classroom.  Some interesting assistive technology demonstrated that he personally made.  Great dude!

The Classroom of David Whitt (Part 3)

The Classroom of David Whitt, Part 3, teaches range of motion using some interesting adaptations in order for students to keep muscles in tone and continues to move joints.  Notice the demonstration of equipment!  Good stuff!

Wheelchair Technology

This is a very interesting video regarding the technology involved in a wheelchair and getting the right wheelchair for the needs.

Jackson special education teacher wins MEA award

This gives you an idea of a special school in a school corporation that serves all middle and high school students with intense needs – impressive facilities.

The Classroom of David Whitt (Part 2)

The Classroom of David Whitt, Part 2, teaches spatial reasoning, comparable with some math instruction.



The Classroom of David Whitt (Part 4)

The Classroom of David Whitt, Part 4, teaches assessment and charting.  He has a very interesting system that can chart everything from goals and objectives to the academics.



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