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SPED626: Module 10

My Strange Addiction: Chalk

Pica is much more common than most teachers think.  This video gives you an interesting look at a perseverative behavior where people eat things that are preferred that the rest of us would never eat.

Pyromania, A serious disorder

From the viewpoint of a student, beginning to learn about the devastation of this disorder:  pyromania

Bodily Fluid Clean Up Kit.mpg

And, be prepared to deal with it.  A complete kit containing all ingredients to safely remove bodily fluids such as blood, feces, urine or vomit.

Dog assisted therapy

Dog Assisted Therapy for Students with Physical and Severe Disabilities is both informative and demonstrates some “how to” in this newer area of assistance.

The Workplace for Persons with Moderate to Severe Disabilities

An Instructive film in how many of those with disabilities can find work, especially once they learn the job, enjoy what they do, and people are accepting and pleasant to work with and to be around them.  Note that the tasks are linear and do not require much evaluation or decision making on their part.  Yet, they are not constantly repetitive.  There is variety.

What is Severe Autism with Self-Injurious Behaviors?

Autism and self-injurious behavior.  This is one example.  There are others with several other syndromes, including picking skin to the bone without pain.


Saginaw teen charged with felony, accused of putting bodily fluids in mouthwash as senior prank

Using bodily fluids (urine, feces, spit) as a weapon or to gain attention

George4title Interviews Mr. X - The Rise of Predatory Street Children in America

Children who are super predators:  Street children with no moral compass

Transitioning young adults to Community Living

Transitioning young adults to Community Living:  Helps in understanding what community living is like and how to do transitions over time.  Also a nice section in how parents work in how to do that, including misperceptions.

Placing Persons with Developmental Disabilities into Group Homes

This gives a view of the many stakeholders and transitional needs when going to a group home.  Also includes children in Foster Care, where many children with disabilities receive care.


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