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SPED626: Module 6

Andrew - Non-verbal Autism and Communication - PART I

A communication board made by his family.  Not all families can afford the technology of an IPAD.  I chose this because it demonstrates the genius and love of family.

MYPAGE and Social Networking

Social Networking for persons with autism at Autism Hangout.  Super stuff.

Help Potty Training an Autistic Kid

Toilet training a student with autism.  Yes, you will probably be doing this.  Remember that toilet training is a social skill, and you will probably need to make a social story in order to do it successfully.  Remember patience and repetition – lots of repetition.  I like this video because it is a parent, and she shows what did not work, even though it is very visual.  The issue?  Not the kid’s potty and not a social story.

The iPad is a game changer for children with Autism

Assisting children to communicate with an IPAD is opening a door – a TALL and WIDE door.

Leo's Social Story made with Stories2Learn

Making a Social Story on an IPAD – and a little girl can do it!!!  I mean a “little, little girl” making it for her brother.  GREAT video – and full of ideas.

Autistic Savants

A young man with autism who is a savant – with David Letterman!!!   Autistic twins who are remarkable (Flo and Kay).  (Video is choppy – hang in with it.)  Kim Peek is “Rainman.”  He has now passed.  You will also have a savant in your classroom – I have had three, for sure.


Lee & Jim Vann Library

Pope John Paul II Center

First and Second Floor

Room 101 & 201