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SPED626: Module 2

Augmentative & Alternative Communication Devices

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) video that features some devices.  Yes, this video is “dated” by about two years – yes, this is NOW an older video, but it gives you a platform in why this must be a part of your training and your use for students with intense needs.

Dynavox 3100 communication device for sale

I include this one, simply because the person found it at a church tag sale.  Think  smart – think better.  Some children will not be able to use APPS as they currently exist, and some of the “older version” are better suited to some children.


FREE App Today iheartradio iPhone App Review CrazyMikesapps

It just isn’t about learning – it is about doing what other students can do.  Watch this video about how students can get a free APPP to so many radio stations.  There is music for everyone.  I am really impressed.  Every high school student with communication difficulty should be able to have this.  This was posted 8 months ago – there are probably newer things for IPAD now.

Apps for

APPS for Communication for IPAD and IPODS:  This is wonderful movie regarding APPS and how easy they can be used.  From the UK.  A “pound” is about $1.80 to the dollar conversion.)



Zach's a Mac

Fantastic video to give a look at APPS on Zach’s Mac.  I watch this over and over, and I marvel at what we can do today for communication for our children!  Jump right in – Apple enjoys calls from teachers regarding students who need alternative and augmentative communication.


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