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SPED626: Module 1

Part A

The following are materials for MODULE 1 Part A:

PART A: Parent Stories - Away With The Fairies

This video is from the UK and gives a very clear look at a 9 year old girl and a mother (now “seems” to be a single parent?) concerning her life and the life of her daughter.  You can feel the sorrow, mixed with exhaustion and inner rage. 

Part B

The following are materials for MODULE 1 Part B:

PART B: Aaron on Labelling and "Disability"

I would love to meet Aaron, and also his parents!   Boy, what a job they have done!  Listen carefully, and connect what he is saying about persons and labels.

PART B: Eye Mouse Helps Severely Disabled Internet Users

This gives a look outside America – we become so cultured that everything cool and advanced must come from America.  Not so!  Note they made it for their friend, Nicholas.  Also, however, notice the word “suffers from” said twice by the newscaster, not from the students.  Ugh! When will the media learn that persons with severe disabilities do not “suffer” – just as parents of those with severe disabilities are not “chosen by God.”  We have work to do!



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