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Lee and Jim Vann Library

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Book list- Acquisitions: Home

A guide to creating a list of books on Worldcat with the purpose of informing faculty how to place a purchase recommendation for multiple books at the same time.


Book List Purchase Recommendation

This guide will show you how to create a shareable book list which you can then send to the library as a purchase recommendation.

Short instructions: Create a public list of books you wish to recommend for purchase on and share the link in the form.

Click here to go directly to the ordering form.


Step 1: Log into or create an account in WorldCat.

Step 2: You will be using the List function of your Worldcat account to make this list. You can either create the list now by clicking the green plus sign or once you find the item you want. The important thing is to set the list to "Public", so you can share it.

Step 3: Find the book you wish to recommend then click "Add to List"

Step 4: In the orange box, create a new list or add the item to one of your existing lists.

Step 5: Sometime you can check to see if the library already has the item you wish to order. Look at the bottom of the screen.


Step 6: Click the link that pops up or click on your account at the top right of the screen.

Step 7: Review your list of recommended purchases, make sure the list is set to public, and copy the URL to paste in the order form.

Click here to go directly to the order form.

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