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The Lee and Jim Vann Library staff supports the principles of fair use. Placement of copyrighted materials on reserves is considered fair use under U.S. Copyright Law only during the first semester the materials are used. Subsequent use of these materials will require the faculty member to obtain copyright permission. (This applies to both print and non-print material for hard copy reserve.)

To expedite processing of requests, appropriate forms must be filled out for each course and for all materials. Forms that are submitted with copies of library books, journal articles, books, etc. are processed with minimum delays. (See also: Reserve Procedures)

Checklist for Fair Use  
Faculty Reserve Request

Requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Please allow an average of three to five days of notice for processing. Every effort will be made to accommodate all requests in a timely manner. Library staff reserves the right to decline requests judged to exceed fair use exemptions of the U.S. Copyright Law until clear proof of exemption or copyright is provided.

Locate Reserve Materials

For students looking to find specific materials or search by course name & number, use this link.

Course Reserve Specialist

Mary Redding

260.399.7700, ext. 6069

Online Reserves

Materials that are available through many of the library’s online database collection can be directly linked through your Blackboard course. If a reserve request is submitted and the materials are available electronically, you will be notified so you can make these materials available in this manner. If the material is available electronically, it will not be placed on reserve in the library.

Textbooks and Duplicate Copies

The library does not generally purchase textbooks for the collection or course reserve. Students are responsible for purchasing required course materials from the college bookstore or other textbook supplier. Faculty members may request to place their own personal copy of textbooks or other materials on reserve for student reference. Course reserves are intended to supplement required course materials. No more than three duplicate books per title may be placed on reserve unless an exception can be made based on enrollment numbers.

If you require repeated use of multiple articles or other materials, it may be necessary to compile a course pack for students to purchase in the bookstore in order to comply with U.S. Copyright Law. For assistance in creating a course pack, please contact the campus bookstore.

Library Databases

Please check to see if your reserve request materials are available through the university’s databases accessible from the library homepage. More information is available on the library’s faculty page or you may contact your library liaison for assistance. Checking your resources is a time saver for you and the library staff. It also provides an excellent opportunity to encourage students to learn about and use the many library resources that are available to them.

Fair Use Guidelines

Below is a summary of the fair use guidelines. The guidelines can be viewed in their entirety on the U.S. Copyright Office Website (US Copyright Title 17).

Note: The conditions for classroom use of copyrighted material may not be the same as for materials placed on reserve in the library.

  1. Materials subject to the fair use guidelines: (without permission from the copyright owner or publisher for a period of one semester/term)
    • a chapter from a book
    • an article from a periodical or newspaper
    • a short story, essay or poem
    • a chart/graph, diagram, drawing, cartoon or picture from a book, periodical or newspaper
      Note: The library does not place reference material or library-owned periodicals on reserve unless extenuating circumstances exist.
  2. Material for which copyright permission is needed:
    • a photocopy of an entire book
    • multiple photocopies of a chapter of a book
    • multiple photocopies of an article from a periodical
    • course packets (readings from various sources)
    • copies of non-print materials (sound recordings, videotapes, videodiscs, films, slides, photographs and software)
    • unpublished complete draft of an author’s work
    • students’ papers
  3. Material not subject to the fair use guidelines: (these items can be put on reserve for more than one semester/term)
    • instructors’ personal exams/quizzes
    • instructors’ personal lecture notes/homework solutions
    • public domain information (out of copyright: term expired; U.S. government publications; not copyrighted: published without notice before 1989)

Course Reserve Procedures

  1. Faculty must provide materials which are to be put on reserve. The materials should be delivered to the user services desk, second floor of the library, to the attention of the course reserve specialist.
    The library is not responsible for making photocopies.
  2. With each submission, faculty must complete the Reserve Item Request Form.
    Be sure to include complete and accurate citations when completing your request form.
  3. An electronic version of the course syllabus may also be submitted but is not required. You may email your syllabus to your course reserve specialist, Mary Redding .
  4. It is the responsibility of the faculty member to ensure copyright compliance by completing the Checklist for Fair Use Form.
    Faculty members are also required to sign the Copyright Compliance Statement at the bottom of the Reserve Item Request Form for any items submitted for reserve. PLEASE NOTE: The first semester copyrighted material is placed on reserve, it is considered fair use. Photocopies and/or reproductions can only be placed on reserve for one semester. Additional use requires the faculty member to obtain copyright permission.Photocopies and/or reproductions used for the same course by the same professor more than once constitute repeated use and copyright permission needs to be obtained.
  5. All material received by the user services/reserve department personnel will be reviewed for copyright compliance before being placed on reserve. The reserve specialist will notify faculty via email or telephone regarding questionable copyright clearance and the materials in question will be returned to the faculty member until proof of copyright permission has been furnished. Faculty may discuss other options with the reserve specialist or seek the assistance of the appropriate library liaison in locating alternative materials.
  6. Materials borrowed through interlibrary loans will NOT placed on reserve according to National ILL Code.This document is adopted (2008) in part with permission from UMass Dartmouth Claire T. Carney Library, and modified for use by the USF Lee and Jim Vann Library as copyright policy for course reserves.

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Library Hours

The Pope John Paul II building is accessible Monday through Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. during the summer semesters and 24 hours a day during regular semester hours. This includes access to the Cyber Fresh Café. Vann Library hours are listed in the table below.

Starting Monday, August 28th we will be on our Fall Semester Schedule. However, the library will be closed Labor Day Weekend Saturday, September 2nd- Monday, September 4th. 

Day Library Hours
Mon. - Thurs. 7:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Friday 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Sunday 12 p.m. - 10 p.m.

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