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Guide listing library resources for the DNP program

DNP Library Resources

Library Resources for the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program

Rittenhouse R2 Digital Library Ebooks

R2 Digital Library

The following electronic books are now available via the Rittenhouse R2 Digital Library. The links below may be copied and used as course links in your online course content.

Advanced Practice Nursing: Essential Knowledge for the Profession

Complexity Leadership Nursing’s Role in Health Care Delivery

Crisis Management in Anesthesiology

The Doctor of Nursing Practice Essentials: A New Model for Advanced Practice Nursing

The Doctor of Nursing Practice: A Guidebook for Role Development and Professional Issues

Jonas and Kovner's Health Care Delivery in the United States

Nurses Making Policy From Bedside to Boardroom

Nursing Leadership & Management

Philosophies and Theories for Advanced Nursing Practice

Policy and Politics for Nurses and Other Health Professionals

Population-Based Nursing: Concepts and Competencies for Advanced Practice

Project Planning and Management: A Guide for Nurses and Interprofessional Teams

Translation of Evidence into Nursing and Health Care Practice

Books still on order

New Print Titles

The following titles have recently arrived in the library. Follow the links below to discover call numbers and availability in the OneSearch online catalog. The links may be copied and used as course links in your online course content.

Concepts of Chemical Dependency

The Doctor of Nursing Practice Scholarly Project

Flipping the Nursing Classroom

Harvard Business Essentials Managing Projects Large and Small

Health & wellness

Implementation Monitoring and Process Evaluation

Kaplan’s Cardiac Anesthesia

Medical Physiology: A Systems Approach

The MGH Textbook of Anesthetic Equipment

Middle range theories: application to nursing research and practice

Nonparametric Statistics in Health Care Research

A Practical Approach to Cardiac Anesthesia

Procedures for the Primary Care Provider

Resource Manual for Nursing Research

Statistics for Nursing Research

Books not published yet

Requested: Not Yet Available

The following titles have not been published or have not yet arrived. These titles will be updated when they become available.

  • Addiction Treatment: A Strengths Perspective
    ISBN: 840029160

  • The Chemical Carousel: What Science Tells Us About Beating Addiction
    ISBN: 9781439212998

  • Evidence-based Practice for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals. ISBN: 9781473925038

  • Global Healthcare: Issues and Policies. ISBN: 9781284070668

  • Health Sciences Literature Review Made Easy: The Matrix Method. ISBN: 9781284115192

  • Practical Statistics for Nursing Using SPSS. ISBN: 9781506325675

  • Scholarly Inquiry and Leadership in Evidence-Based Practice A Resource for the Doctor of Nursing Practice. ISBN: 9780803642041


EBSCOhost Ebooks

EBSCOhost Ebooks

The following electronic books are now available via the EBSCOhost Ebook platform. Permalinks to the books are provided below, or you can access the EBSCOhost Ebook platform and search for these and many more titles.

The Mindfulness Workbook for Addiction

Nursing Informatics for the Advanced Practice Nurse : Patient Safety, Quality, Outcomes, and Interprofessionalism

Policy & Politics in Nursing and Health Care

Project Planning and Management: A Guide for CNLs, DNPs and Nurse Executives

Transcultural Caring Dynamics in Nursing and Health Care

Books we already owned

Titles Previously Held

The following titles are available in the Vann Library collection. The permalinks provided may be copied and used in your online course content.

Print titles:

Health Policy and Politics: A Nurse's Guide Fifth Edition

Nursing Research: Reading, Using and Creating Evidence, 4th edition

Nursing Theories: A Framework for Professional Practice, Second Edition


The Art of Communication in Nursing and Health Care: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Change Leadership in Nursing: How Change Occurs in a Complex Hospital System​

Clinical Analytics and Data Management for the DNP

DNP Capstone Projects: Exemplars of Excellence in Practice

Financial and Business Management for the Doctor of Nursing Practice

Health Care Politics, Policy and Services: A Social Justice Analysis, Second Edition​

Health Care System Transformation for Nursing and Health Care Leaders

Knowledge Translation in Health Care: Moving from Evidence to Practice

The New Leadership Challenge  Creating the Future of Nursing, 4th Edition

Outcome Assessment in Advanced Practice Nursing Third Edition

Quality Caring in Nursing and Health Systems: Implications for Clinicians, Educators, and Leaders, 2nd Edition

Reading, Understanding, and Applying Nursing Research, 4th Edition

Scholarly Inquiry and the DNP Capstone

Potential Textbooks

Potential Textbooks


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